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Nitronic 30 nuts is nitrogen strengthened abrasion and corrosion resistance. It is having greater toughness and is economical in use. It greatly impacts resistance thus making it suitable for all heavier duty applications.  It is used in various applications like coal handling tools, hoppers, sewage treatment, chutes, safety belt anchors etc. One can buy nitronic 30 Nuts from the reliable producer that is producing it by making use of high quality of raw substances that is bough from good market vendors.


The producers are offering nitronic 30 Nuts in various specifications that are varying differently in size, shapes, dimensions, as per the requirements of clients. The supplier is also offering various test certification accordance to 10204 3.14B, 100% radiography test report, buyers report, material test certifications. To check the quality of the item the producer is performing various kinds of test. The tests are like a hardness test, pitting resistance test, chemical test, mechanical test, flattening test, flaring test etc. Also, the product is packed using various techniques like wooden crates, wooden pallets, wooden boxes, carton etc to offer safety from getting damaged while shipping internationally.

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