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The nitronic alloy is an austenitic alloy that offers an outstanding corrosion resistance. As compared to the series of stainless steel, this alloy is considered best due to its exceptional strength and features that it offers to products. Nitronic 30 screw is considered best due to its strength, corrosion resistance and bearing power. These screws can easily withstand in extreme temperature and environment. You can easily use these screws in different applications and industries that are used at a temperature above 1800 degree Fahrenheit. This alloy is often used for creating other products like fasteners, bolts, and fittings.


Well, if we talk about nitronic 60 screws, it is used in marine applications, chemical processing, and many more applications. You can easily buy these screws in a wide variety and in different shapes and sizes as per your requirement and demand. They are manufactured using international quality raw material that is well tested and inspected by quality expertise who in turn offer quality approval certificate. At last, when these screws are ready for the delivery they are packed in wooden cases or pallets to prevent rusting and damages.

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