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Nitronic 30 Washer is composed of high-grade stainless steel alloyed with nitrogen, chromium, and molybdenum. This composition enhances the material's ability to perform in temperatures that range from cryogenic conditions up to 550°C. Nitronic Washer 30  provides superb resistance to corrosion even in acidic or chloride-rich environments due to its low carbon content, making it a trendy choice among mechanical engineers. Not only is the material highly durable in terms of temperature endurance and corrosion resistance, but it also offers superior fatigue strength and toughness, which further improves its performance in the long term.

Nitronic 30 Washer is a versatile material that has many uses and properties. It is a super-austenitic alloy composed of stainless steel, nickel, and manganese. Its unique composition allows it to withstand high temperatures; this makes the Nitronic 30 Washer an ideal choice for applications where extreme heat could damage traditional washers. Along with its ability to remain strong at elevated temperatures, the 30 Nitronic Washer also has excellent corrosion resistance and maintains strength during cryogenic treatments. Additionally, it is non-magnetic, making it a perfect choice for industrial applications where non-magnetic components are beneficial. The durability of Nickel and Manganese in the alloy makes the Nitronic 30 Washer one of the most popular materials for industrial needs, such as fasteners and spacers.

FAQ's for Nitronic 30 Washer

The maximum temperature of a Nitronic 30 Washer is 815 °C (1499 °F).

The processing time for a Nitronic 30 Washer depends on the size and quantity of parts. Generally, small parts require 4-12 days of processing time and larger parts require 6-14 days.

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