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Nitronic 40 Fasteners are known for their excellent corrosion and wear resistance and non-magnetic properties. This makes them ideal for use in marine and chemical engineering industries, where exposure to ocean water, salty air, chemicals and other corrosions can be a problem. They also have a good combination of tensile strength and flexibility, which makes them a perfect choice for any application that requires the fastener to remain firm under duress. Finally, Nitronic 40 Fasteners offer superior fatigue life compared to other metals, meaning they'll be able to stand up to long-term stresses without giving out.

40 Nitronic fasteners are made from iron, chromium, and manganese alloys. Along with nickel and nitrogen, the stainless steel in Nitronic 40 pins gives them extreme strength and resilience even in very corrosive or high-temperature environments. This makes Nitronic 40 fasteners invaluable for many commercial applications due to their extreme durability and stability, making them a highly sought-after product for complex conditions.

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