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There are so many fasteners are available that is used in the number of industries such as defense, waste processing, automotive, petrochemical, pharmaceutical sectors, aerospace and much more. There is the wide range of fasteners are available such as collated screws, blind fasteners, distributor, threaded fasteners and much more. Nitronic 40 Fasteners have superior quality, durability, high tensile strength and much more. The materials of these fasteners have to pass so many tests such as IGC test, hardness test, positive material identification and much more.  These are the tests are performed by professionals.


Following are the specifications of Nitronic 40 Fasteners:

The standard of these fasteners is DIN 931, DIN 933, JIS standards and ANSI. The forms of these fasteners are square, hex, round, threading and much more. The head drive of these fasteners are slotted, Phillips, six lobes and much more. These fasteners are very popular for its chemical and mechanical properties. These are used in so many applications such as aerospace industry, chemical industry, automobile industry, marine and much more. The cost of these fasteners is not so high. So you can easily buy it without spending a large amount of money.

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