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Nitronic 40 Nuts is known as a versatile and ideal stainless steel which has a high content of manganese and others elements. This also has exceptional corrosion resistance as well as high strength at extremely lofty temperatures. As compared to others, it has double yield strength. It is being utilized in the applications like flanges, tubing, pollution control tools, autoclave parts, cryogenic applications, chemical processing, hydraulic tubing, as well as aircraft components. Its specifications, it is now having such as DIN, ASTM, BS, JIS, GB, and many more. You can also get this efficient and effective nut in different lengths, shapes, sizes, as well as dimensions.


 It comes up with the wide range of finishing such as matt finish, rough machined, BA finish, coating, hot dip galvanized, and so on. It covers up various forms like he, rectangle, round, threaded, and so on. Also when Nitronic 40 Nuts is packed, wooden boxes and plastic strips are used to cover it properly, so that it can be saved from being damaged and rusted while the transportation. At the last, it is 100% casual and well certified product as well.

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