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Have you heard about Nitronic Alloy 50 Bars and their characteristics? If not, then continue reading this article. These bars are highly useful and high in demand in a lot of industrial sectors these days. Might be, they were not available in different specifications in the past few years, but now they can be purchased with desired specifications from both the marketplace and online traders. Now, let’s move to its sizes these bars are available from 1 to 10mm and 10 to 20mm and others upon request. The total unity length of the bars such as 9m, 6m as well as 3m and the surface finish of it are galvanized.


However, you can only get Nitronic Alloy 50 Bars in single shape that is “Round” and is available in materials stainless steel, carbon steel and galvanized steel. When it comes to the bars characteristics there are many such as good corrosion resistance, nitrogen strengthened austenitic along with implemented mechanical properties. This 50-grade nitrogen bar is composed of between 23% and 24% chromium, 4 to 6% manganese, 11 to 13 % nickel and 1.5 to 2% molybdenum along with the equivalent iron.

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