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You can get the Nitronic 50 Bolts, nuts, hex and crews as per your custom specifications and in whatever measurement you need with the best grade of manufacturers available online.  The best suppliers guarantee you with quick delivery at your address without you having to involve in the hassle of transporting the products.  50 determine the grade to which these bolts belong. The Nitronic 50 Bolts are made up of stainless steel alloy that possesses good corrosion resistant properties even at high temperature.


Also they are said to have double yield strength and excellent mechanical properties as well.  Apart from the excellent corrosion resistance the grade 50 nitronic bolts also have outstanding sulfide stress cracking resistance and prevention to the intergranular attack as well.


The Nitronic 50 Bolts have a vast use and application. They can be used in marine industry in the seawater pumps, valves, incubation chambers, robotic arm used under water etc. other than this they are used in chemical industries, oil and gas industries, pump and paper industries and other similar sectors. These bolts form a very important p[art of any infrastructure and therefore must be chosen carefully.

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