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Fasteners Nitronic 50 is considered a high strength stainless steel along with high rust resistance. Its yield strength, as well as corrosion resistance, is more than other grades nitronic fasteners. This grade product is not magnetic in cold worked as well as at sub-zero temperatures. This is the high-quality materials and has extremely better mechanical strength or properties at both soaring temperatures and subs zero temperatures, as mentioned before. It is used for applications to deal with petrochemicals, nuclear fuel recycling, food processing, paper and pulp, petroleum as well as chemicals.



Fasteners Nitronic 50 includes international and national standards such as ASTM, API, DIS, BS, ISO, and more. The length of it is from 3 mm – 200 mm and the size is from M 02 – M 160. Such as hot dip galvanized, mechanically applied coating, passivated etc are its finishes. It is extremely easy to use the fasteners because of its good features like lightweight, easy installation, stand firm at high temperature, and more. This is being supplied by suppliers online or offline at reasonable rates to the patrons.

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