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Nitronic 50 fasteners are corrosion-resistant and have excellent fatigue strength, making them an excellent choice for marine and industrial environments. They also have impressive cryogenic toughness, which makes them a perfect choice for applications in extreme temperatures. These fasteners offer outstanding wear and galling resistance, making them suitable for hardware such as bicycle spokes and conveyor rollers. In addition, Nitronic 50 fasteners eliminate the need for lubricants because they are coated with a thin material that minimizes friction while providing necessary protection against corrosion, even in harsh climates. Through its durability and flexibility properties, this fastener is one of the best choices available today when it comes to keeping things securely connected.

50 Nitronic Fasteners are designed to provide excellent high strength and improved corrosion resistance. They have a chemical composition of iron, 22-25.5 percent chromium, 13-17 per cent nickel and 5-6.5 percent molybdenum, 0.25 per cent nitrogen, and carbon balance. The combination of these elements provides fasteners with 250 ksi minimum tensile strength hardness between RC 33-39 and provides corrosion resistance similar to 316 stainless steel but claimed to be twice as strong under hostile environments with higher working temperatures up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit or even more in some cases.

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