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Nitronic 50 nuts are those nuts that have high strength and considered as austenitic stainless steel that has good corrosion resistance as well as tensile strength. These nuts are widely used in industries like petrochemical equipment, chemical processing equipment, and food processing equipment. These nuts are considered best because of high tensile strength, creep resistance, resistance to corrosion and cracking. They can easily withstand in extreme environment and temperature. Furthermore, the raw material used for manufacturing these nuts is tested and inspected according to the international quality standard.


These nitronic 50 nuts include ASTM, ASME, ANSI, JIS and BS specifications also. The size of these nuts varies from 3mm to 200mm. These nuts include wing nuts, hex nuts, head hex nuts etc. These nuts are available to customers in varied shapes and sizes as per their requirement and demand from any of the reputable dealer or manufacturer. They are certified with mill test certificate, IBR test certificate, and third-party inspection report. With it, they are packed in wooden cases or boxes to prevent damages and rust. Do not wait and buy them today.

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