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It is no doubt that higher strength fasteners can improve the durability of the equipment. The Nitronic 50 stud bolts are perfect fit in an optimum price range. It is an austenitic stainless steel with addition of nitrogen, manganese, chromium, iron and various other elements in variable quantities. Similar to other nitronic series alloy, this alloy also has twice the yield strength as that provided by types 304 and 316L. It is known to possess good mechanical properties at both elevated and sub-zero temperatures. Also they do not become magnetic at cryogenic temperatures like other austenitic steel.




Its outstanding corrosion resistance properties compared to that of 300 series of steel gives it a leading edge for application such as the petroleum, petro chemical, fertilizer, nuclear fuel, food processing and marine industries. In components which require a combination of strength and corrosion resistance at moderate pricing the nitronic 50 becomes the ideal contender, such as in coal handling equipment, such as Coal buckets, hoppers, ore separators, barge liners, sewage treatment, trailer bedliners, and chutes. Exceptionally low magnetic permeability is desired quality in nuclear industry.


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