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The nitronic alloy 60 bars are offered by numerous manufacturers and suppliers so as to provide their clients with high quality bars with all possible specifications. The largest recognized supplier provides bar with excellent galling resistance and wear features. Basically, nitronic bars are manganese and silicon’s combined bars that are well used in annealed conditions. They are perfectly accessible as one can buy it in desired size, shape, length and diameter. The alloys are offered in square, hex or round bars.


The bar can take form as round, billet, ingot, rectangular, hex and forge. The Nitronic alloy 60 round bar grades are known to be used in refining and processing industries for its outstanding features and characteristics. It is also available in black, matt, BA, rough turned and bright polished finishing’s. The dimensions are as follows- EN, ASME, ASTM, AISI, JIS and DIN. The surface of bar may be sand blasting finish, bright, polished, hairline or hot rolled pickled. It has S21800 as equivalent grade.


You can get nitronic alloy 60 bars in desired shape, size, length and diameter as they are also offered in customized form by authentic and trustworthy suppliers.

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