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60 Nitronic bolts are composed of iron and a mix of Alloy elements such as chromium, manganese, molybdenum, and silicon. Substantially more durable than other types of fastener bolts, Nitronic 60 offers excellent resistance to wear, galling, stress corrosion and fatigue. Its high flexibility allows deformation in service without failure or fracture. Its ability to maintain strength at temperatures ranging from cryogenic levels up to temperatures of 1400°F (760°C) is an ideal choice for use in demanding applications under these environmental conditions.

Nitronic 60 bolts are high-performance fasteners made from a stainless steel alloy. They offer superior corrosion resistance and exceptional strength and hardness, making them well-suited for applications involving intense heat, friction, and environmental exposure. These bolts can be used in various energy, medical, aerospace and marine industries, providing secure connections that will reliably withstand sanitization processes or other challenging conditions. These bolts also exhibit superior notch toughness properties, ensuring reliable performance in extreme temperature environments or when subjected to dynamic loading. In summary, Nitronic 60 bolts are an excellent choice for any application requiring a solid and corrosion-resistant fastener.

FAQ's for Nitronic 60 Bolts

 Nitronic 60 Bolts Starts At Rs 10/Piece To Rs 30/Piece

Nitronic 60 Bolts are designed for use in applications that involve electronics, providing excellent strength and corrosion resistance. They are ideal for joining two or more parts together securely.

Nitronic 60 Bolts have high tensile strength and provide superior holding power due to their alloy construction. They also have a protective coating that adds to their strength and resistance.

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