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If you are preparing to buy fasteners then you have to read this article. In this article, you will come to know about the best fasteners, its features, specifications and much more. There is the wide range of fasteners are available but you have to use Nitronic 60 fasteners. It is the best fasteners and has good grades. If you use it then you can enjoy so many benefits. These fasteners are capable to fulfill all your project needs. It is made from the combination of processes such as welding, cutting, melting and much more. These processes are selected after proper investigation.


Following are the specifications of Nitronic 60 fasteners:

The forms of these fasteners are hex head bolts; bolts stud bolts, eye bolt, structural bolts, wing screw, foundation bolts and much more. The nuts of these fasteners are hexagon coupling nuts, square nuts, hexagon castle nuts, hexagon thin nut and much more. The washer of these fasteners is spring lock washer, tooth washer, tab washer, plain washer, star washer and much more. The types of fasteners are panned head slotted screws, countersunk head slotted screws, pan Phillips head screw and much more.

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