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Are you thinking of buying Nitronic 60 Nuts? If yes, then you have landed in right place. Here you will get to know everything about this grade nut in detail. This is the nut that is mostly used for industrial applications because of its good tensile strength as well as highly corrosion resistant property. Not only this, it has the ability to overcome various weather conditions and can be kept at soaring temperature for a long time. It never loses its ductility and brightness; however, you use it under water or high temperature environments. It is famous and highly in demand within industrial applications dealing with chemical processing tools, automotive tools, vehicles, and many others.


Following are the specifications of it given below, such as-

The total size of Nitronic 60 Nuts is from ¼ to 2”, while the length is cut length. You can get the product in accordance with your requirements and suitability from the trustworthy supplier. Also, sometimes buying in bulk will let you get a few discounts on it. It meets the specifications and dimensions like BS, DIN, JIS, and many others.

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