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Nitronic 60 Nuts comprise a range of alloys, primarily chromium, manganese, and nickel. Adding molybdenum and nitrogen to these metals makes them a solid alloy resistant to corrosion, oxidation, and abrasion under extreme environments. Due to their impressive strength-to-weight ratio, they are ideal for applications with high cyclic loads in wet or acidic conditions. Their heat resistance allows them to be used at temperatures up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit while resisting warping due to thermal cycling. By its very nature, Nitronic 60 makes it an invaluable choice for countless products where long service life is needed by engineers everywhere.

Nitronic 60 Nuts are versatile for industrial use, possessing excellent mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, and abrasion resistance. Not only that, but it also provides high strength at elevated temperatures. Nitronic Nuts 60 also have a good combination of flexibility and vibration dampening. This makes them great for use in aviation and automotive parts, engine components exposed to extreme conditions, pump shafts, and fastener applications needing shear strength and fatigue resistance. Additionally, this versatile alloy has excellent weldability, which eliminates the need for post-welding heat treatment to restore the material's original properties. This makes them ideal for engineering operations requiring welding or brazing.

FAQ's for Nitronic 60 Nuts

Nitronic 60 nuts are most commonly used in construction, marine, and other high-temperature environments. They can be used to secure items such as furniture, gates, and cabinets.

It Varies, But Generally It Is Around INR 2000/Unit To INR 3000/Unit

Nitronic 60 nuts are highly resistant to corrosion due to their nickel-chrome alloy composition. They also have good wear characteristics and self-locking capabilities that make them ideal for any application requiring high strength and durability.

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