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Nitronic 60 Screw as it is made up of stainless steel, it is offering low-cost way for both galling and fighting wearing compared to cobalt bearing and high nickel alloys. The corrosion resistance is much better in every condition. Also nitronic 60 is having a feature of being pitting resistance.  The room temperature yielding strength is twice than others. Additionally, it is providing low-temperature impact resistance as well as greater temperature oxidation resistance.



It because of its grain structure, a galling resistance of nitronic 60 is superior. It is resisting wear, freeze up and tearing up to both contract and primary materials. Elevated temperature wears resistance is good and relatively low hardness when it is compared to cobalt and nickel base alloy. It is very well performing metal to metal wear in inert atmosphere nominally. Cavitations erosion resistance is awesome to austenitic SS and high strength duplex SS.



To maintain the quality feature of this Nitronic 60 Screw, the producer is mandatorily is performing various testing. These are hardness test, flattening test, UT test, PMI and IGC test and chemical and mechanical test etc.

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