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Nitronic 60 beyond doubt is an all purpose metal. The Nitronic 60 stud bolts have additions of silicon and manganese giving an enhanced resistance to wear, galling and fretting. The addition of chromium and nickel increases its corrosion and crevice cracking resistance. It is an alloy specially designed to withstand high temperatures of around 1800F. Similar to other alloys of this series they posses twice the yield strength of the 300 series stainless steel. These stud bolts have proved to withstand general corrosion, pitting resistance and stress corrosion cracking in high chloride environment, which is a desirable quality in marine industry. They also provide high temperature oxidation resistance and low temperature impact. It is a low cost option to choose based on these properties in comparison to the high priced nickel or cobalt based alloys.




It is widely used in automobile industries where parts to need to withstand temperature as high as 1500F on a long run. It is popularly used in fastener galling where frequent assembly and disassembly is required and it also helps to eliminate corroded or frozen fasteners. Often found hanger expansion joints for bridges where the galling resistance is appreciated.


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