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Nitronic Screw comprises Nitronic 50 stainless steel, combining alloying elements such as chromium, manganese, and nitrogen. This unique blend gives the metal superior corrosion resistance to other stainless steels, making it one of the most desirable materials for extreme environments. These screws are purpose screws, meaning that Nitronic screw is manufactured only for specific purposes. They are known by the name of alloy 218 screws also and come in grades of various qualities. They acquire their strength with the help of nitrogen, which provides them with corrosion resistance and other authentic properties. The alloy also has excellent deformability and heat resistance due to its low carbon content, allowing Nitronic Screws to work effectively in areas where a high-temperature range of about 1400F to 2500F and a low magnetic property. The addition of sulfur further enhances this material's strength and ductility when tested against stress cycles. With all these traits working together, the Nitronic screw is an ideal choice for any application where durability and chemical resistance are critical.

Nitronic screws are prized in fastening and anchoring applications, as they possess several advantages over other types of screws. Their high resistance to galling and corrosion makes them a popular choice for applications where extreme temperatures might otherwise reduce the longevity of traditional steel screws.

Additionally, their unique alloy composition allows for greater strength at higher temperatures than traditional stainless steel screws. This quality makes them an excellent choice for areas that experience thermal cycles, such as automotive exhaust systems and boilers. Easier to install than other metal fasteners, nitronic screws can save time and labour during installation, allowing engineers to complete projects faster with reliable fastening performance.


Specifications and sizes

These Nitronic screws are made with international specifications of ASTM A 194 and ASME SA 194 and with IS, ASTM, BS, JIN, DIN and all other international standards. The length of these screws is between 3mm to 2180mm, and the size range of M3 to M56. These screws can also be made with custom sizes to meet all requirements. When it comes to type, they are available in the head, hex, thread, socket, steel, panel and many other types.

FAQ's for Nitronic Screw

Nitronic Screw is made of metal, specifically an austenitic stainless steel alloy.

Yes, Nitronic Screw is environmentally friendly as it does not contain any hazardous substances that could potentially harm the environment.

Grade Nitronic Screws can be identified by the unique code imprinted on each screw, which includes the grade of the material used for its manufacturing.

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