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Nitronic Washer

Nitronic washers are a special metal alloy containing iron, chromium, nickel, silicon, and manganese. This combination creates a solid and resilient metal structure that can endure the immense pressures and forces commonly encountered in applications with nitronic washers. Compared to many other metals on the market, nitronic washers have significantly more excellent resistance to wear, fatigue and corrosion while being cost-effective and easy to machine. Whether acting as fasteners or simply serving as spacers between components - these washers have become an essential part of many mechanical processes across various industries.

Nitronic washers are a type of speciality performance fastener highly resistant to oxidation and galvanic corrosion. This makes them ideal for marine, petrochemical and refrigeration applications that withstand harsh environmental conditions. They offer long-term cost savings because of their flat washer design, which helps reduce vibration on mechanical equipment and ensures the fastener remains tight over a long period. Another benefit of nitronic washers is their heat resistance; they can withstand temperatures up to 300°C when used in stainless steel 316 or XM-19 steel compounds. Furthermore, high tensile strength allows them to hold heavy loads while keeping the joint assembly rigid. All these features make nitronic washers an excellent choice for many industries seeking reliable hardware solutions that provide high product life expectancy.

If you are searching for the best washers for precise dimensions and surface finish, you must buy nitronic washers. These offer great surface finishes to your assemblies. High-tech machines and advanced methods manufacture these, so the dimension of washers is accurate. Experienced and trained professionals operate all the machines, so the production quality is better. Only checked and 100 % pure quality raw materials are used in production. After production, all of these are inspected manually, ensuring washer quality. A quality assurance team strictly inspects washers, so only you get the finished washers for your fittings.


Advantages of Nitronic Washer

These washers have the capability of standing in a corrosive environment. These washers are the best value for money. You can buy these at the most affordable prices. It is ultimately designed to give the best performances in extreme environments. IS, ASTM, and DIN are common standards of nitronic washers. These are available in different shapes and sizes. Prefer these washers for better quality for tightening your nut and bolts.

FAQ's for Nitronic Washer

Generally, nitronic washers price starts at 500/Kg To Rs 850/Kg

Nitronic washers can be purchased online and locally from various distributors and manufacturers. Getting a quote from our list of companies or suppliers before purchase is essential to ensure you receive quality products at competitive prices.

Nitronic has several unique features, including excellent tensile strength, toughness, corrosion resistance and ductility over a wide range of temperatures ranging from -425°F(-252°C) to 1200°F(649°C).



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