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Phosphorous Bronze Bolts

Phosphorous bronze bolts contain copper as their primary element, with phosphorous alloying for strength and resilience. While this commonly known bronze alloy is valued for its malleability and ductility, it is also highly versatile. It can be used in many engineering projects, including automotive, electronic, mechanical and medicinal applications. This popular alloy can be further modified to increase its resistance to corrosion or wear. With a wide range of uses and benefits, phosphorous bronze bolts are an excellent choice when you need strong fasteners that are resilient and economical.

Phosphorous bronze bolts are a type of fastener made from copper, tin, and phosphorous alloy. They are best known for their impressive corrosion resistance properties, which make them perfect for the maritime and automotive industries. Their unique properties also make them a popular choice in manufacturing processes such as resistors, plumbing fixtures, springs, and even audio components. Besides being highly sought-after due to their rust-free capabilities, these bolts provide added strength and stability during different applications. These bolts can be easily used with any other fastener material since it's not magnetic and does not interact with non-ferrous metals.

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