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With the high technology advancements, the producers doubtlessly are effectively able to offer the best quality of nuts phosphorous bronze C50900. Phosphorous bronze is one of the finest types of alloy and is widely used in various kinds of applications. Phosphorus bronze nuts are having features like excellent spring quality, good formability, high fatigue resistance, high corrosion resistance and solderability. These alloy nuts when is annealed, this metal can easily be stamped, formed, bent and formed.


The producers of phosphorous bronze C50900 Nuts are offering it of a standard alloy that is easily found in various applications and numerous industrial usages. This found in an electrical connector, it is having good machinability that is making it easily used as screw machine item, shafts, gears etc. The excellently combination of physical properties, moderate costs and fair conductivity of electricity have made it desirable to be used in various critical applications.


The testing that is performed to check the quality of phosphorous bronze nuts is hardness test, pitting resistance test, PMI and IGC test, chemical and mechanical analysis, bend test, flattening and flaring test. This makes it good to use.

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