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Phosphorous Bronze C50900 Screw has become a popular metallic alloy used in fasteners and other industrial products, like screws. It’s an alloy of copper, tin, and phosphorous that is highly resistant to corrosion, which is why it’s ideal for these applications. It also exhibits excellent cold formability, making it suitable for machining components with tight tolerances that require intricate forms. This gives this screw great strength, durability, and wear resistance when placed in extending applications or environments prone to moisture. These properties make Phosphorous Bronze C50900 screws perfect for coastal areas where saltwater is present since they will hold up to the salty environment much better than traditional brass or bronze alloys.

Phosphorous Bronze C50900 Screw is composed of approximately 92-96% Cu, .3-1.0% Fe, and .4-1.0% P, which gives it a unique ability to hold up against erosion better than other materials used for fasteners as well as have the capacity to flex and return to the original shape several times over. Thanks to its resilient composition, Phosphorous Bronze C50900 Screw makes an excellent choice for applications exposed to seawater, weather elements, and cyclic fatigue where resistance against corrosion is critical. Its reliable strength also means this fastener can offer superior retention in lightweight substrates like fiber-reinforced plastics or soft-cast alloys without sacrificing dependability.

FAQ's for Phosphorous Bronze C50900 Screw

Phosphorous Bronze C50900 Screws are excellent choice for applications which require strength and wear resistance. They are popularly used in marine and industrial environments, as they can withstand a wide range of temperatures and offer superior corrosion protection in salt water or humid conditions.

Yes, Phosphorous Bronze C50900 Screws are cost-effective compared to other types of fasteners due to their low cost and wide availability. They also feature excellent strength and wear resistance, making them ideal for many industrial applications.

Phosphorous Bronze C50900 Screws have an excellent heat resistance up to 700°F (371°C). They are also highly resistant to fatigue, shock and vibration along with corrosion protection, making them suitable for many industrial applications.

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