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Do you own an industry where you need screw in huge amount? If yes, then using Phosphorous Bronze C50900 Screw is the right option available in front of you. These are one of the best and excellent qualities of the screw that are manufactured using quality of raw material. The raw material is well inspected and tested by quality experts who in turn offer quality approval certificate and raw material test certificate. Furthermore, the Phosphorous Bronze C50900 is an alloy that has high strength, corrosion resistance, and good electrical conductivity. Thus, using a screw made with this alloy is considered best for various industrial applications.


Certification and packaging


Have you ever thought how this Phosphorous Bronze C50900 Screw is approved for further delivery? No, we don’t but screws inspection and testing make them approved for use in industrial applications. There are several tests and inspections done including radiography test, flaring test, and third-party inspection. At last, when these screws are ready for the transportation purpose they are packed in pallets or wooden cases so as to prevent them from further damages and rust until its last usage.

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