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 C50900 Phosphorous bronze Stud Bolts, a type of copper alloy, are composed of a unique blend of copper, tin and phosphorus. These proportions create an alloy that is both strong and with excellent resistance to wear, making it ideal for applications such as fittings and fastenings. Its strength keeps it relatively stable even at high temperatures, adding to its versatility across all sorts of projects. Combining these three elements creates a reliable material suitable for many uses.

Phosphorous Bronze C50900 Stud Bolts are a great choice for applications that need to withstand severe chemical and environmental stress. They have excellent corrosion resistance and flexibility, allowing them to be used in various environments. They also possess nonmagnetic properties and are incredibly strong, with an ultimate tensile strength of 85 ksi. This makes them perfect for fastening, underwater bolting, and vibration isolation services. Their high thermal conductivity, shock resistance, and good dimensional stability make them desirable when precise calculations need to be made or when the application can’t handle a lot of vibration. All in all, C50900 Phosphorous Bronze Stud Bolts offer coolness under pressure and extremely consistent performance.

FAQ's for Phosphorous Bronze C50900 Stud Bolts

The maximum recommended operating temperature for Phosphorous Bronze C50900 stud bolts is 593°C.

Phosphorous Bronze C50900 stud bolts are typically threaded with UNF-2A threads. Customized threading can also be requested upon request.

On average, Phosphorous Bronze C50900 stud bolts can hold 10,000 psi tensile strength and 16,000 psi yield strength at room temperature.

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