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The Phosphorous bronze C51000 is also known by the name of phosphorous Bronze 5% A and these are wrought type of bolts. These bolts are the alloy of copper with .50-11.00% of tin and .01-.35% phosphorous in their composition. This composition is made so that its wear resistibility could be increased and also the stiffness will be increased. They are also used vividly for their features of toughness, strength, low coefficient of friction and fine grip.


Test methods-

Similar to all the alloys of copper these bolts are also tested by methods of E52, E54, E62, E75 and E478 test methods.


Specifications and their size-

These Phosphorous bronze C51000 should have the specifications of C51000 for CDA, B139 & B139M for ASTM, J461 & J463 for SAE and 4625 for AMS type of bolts. They have the tempers of H04 HARD, H08 SPRING which increases their worth at the time of using them. The solid is available in the sizes of 3/8” to 2 ½” OD while hexes have the size range of 3/8” to 2” OD. And the standard lengths of these bolts are 144”.

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