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These days fasteners are high in demand. Due to this reason people choose it after investigation and analyzing. If you are one of them and are unable to search the right one then you have to use Phosphorous Bronze C51000 fasteners. It is the best fastener and has good grades. These fasteners are made from various materials such as tin and much more. But the main material of these materials is phosphorus. The phosphorus is included in it to increase the strength and efficiency of fasteners. The copper is also included in it to increases the corrosion resistance properties of fasteners.


Following are the specifications of Phosphorous Bronze C51000 fasteners:

These fasteners are manufactured as per the national and international standards. The specifications of these fasteners are ASME, ASTM, API and much more. It is available in various sizes, shapes and designs so you can easily choose the right one. The length of these fasteners is set according to the requirements of customers. These fasteners are well known for its strength, toughness, fine grain, low coefficient of friction.

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