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Phosphorous Bronze C51000 Nuts is said to be an alloy of copper with 11% of tin and 0.35% of phosphorous. Also, the tin is used to make it enhances its corrosiveness and strength as well. The phosphorus boots the wear and corrosion resistance and stiffness of the alloy. Such kind of nuts is mostly notable for their fine grain, low coefficient of friction, strength as well as toughness. The elements that are used to make it, decreases the viscosity of the molten alloy that makes it cleaner and easier to cast and even decreases grain boundaries between crystallites. It is often used for dental bridges, chemicals tools, petrochemicals, construction of some industry related tools and so on.


It is available in the market of high quality, dimensions as well as standards. Not only this, if you want to get Phosphorous Bronze C51000 Nuts according to your desired sizes and lengths, so you can. It is certified as well as an original product that proves its versatility. It is extremely affordable and reliable to buy. What are you waiting for? Get it today from the reliable supplier.

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