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Phosphorous Bronze C51000 nuts are made from zinc, lead, tin and phosphorous. This combination creates impressive edges that strengthen the threads of bolts, machines and other fastener items. While the exact proportions vary but typically contain around 8-10% lead, 4-7% tin and 0.50-1.00 % phosphorus alongside a balance of predominantly zinc. The properties created by this blend provide dimensional stability throughout its operating temperature range, along with superior fatigue strength to meet the applications' prerequisites.

C51000 Phosphorus bronze nuts have strong corrosion resistance to many chemicals and acids, making them suitable for enclosures exposed to the elements. They also possess superior wear characteristics, self-lubricating qualities when used in dry conditions, and high electrical conductivity, making them commonly used as connectors in electrical equipment. This type of nut is also valued for its excellent strength at elevated temperatures compared to other nut materials such as steel or brass. Its ductility allows it to maintain its original shape after bending, which makes it a great choice for applications that require frequent assembly/disassembly. Whether adding new hardware or looking for a versatile connector for your outdoor projects, phosphorus bronze C51000 nuts should be essential in your toolkit.

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