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Phosphorus Bronze C51000 Screw consists mainly of copper and tin, along with a range of trace elements such as phosphorus, aluminum, iron, lead, nickel, and zinc. Phosphorus increases the strength of copper-based alloys and prevents embrittlement caused by temperature changes. This increases load capacity in brass screws compared to those without phosphorus content. The excellent machinability and warm color of these screws make them desirable for creating metal components that meet aesthetic needs and their impressive strength.

Phosphorous bronze C51000 screws are known for their superior electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance. These versatile fasteners provide an excellent combination of strength and ductility in demanding applications involving exposure to extreme temperatures or harsh chemicals. The advantages of phosphorous bronze C51000 screws make them ideal for use in challenging climates where high humidity levels are present, as the material resists moisture damage better than other fasteners. In addition to these qualities, the ductile nature of this alloy makes them easier to install, meaning less wear and tear on related parts. Moreover, their durability ensures they have a long operational lifespan and require less maintenance when appropriately used. All in all, C51000 phosphorous bronze screws, due to their impressive properties, are a perfect solution for professionals looking for high-performance, reliable fasteners that perform under pressure.

FAQ's for Phosphorous Bronze C51000 Screw

Phosphorous Bronze C51000 Screws are highly versatile screws which can be used in a wide range of environments. They can withstand high temperatures and offer excellent corrosion protection, making them suitable for marine and industrial applications. Moreover, they are electrically conductive, which makes them ideal for electrical applications as well.

Phosphorous Bronze C51000 Screws offer several advantages over other types of fasteners. They have excellent strength, wear resistance and fatigue resistance. In addition, they have a low friction coefficient and good electrical conductivity making them suitable for many applications.

Phosphorous Bronze C51000 Screws have a maximum temperature limit of 500°F (260°C). While this may be lower than other types of fasteners, their durable construction allows them to perform effectively even in high-temperature settings.

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