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Phosphorous Bronze C51100 Hex Head Bolts are composed of copper (Cu) and tin (Sn) by weight, with phosphorous (P) added for improved mechanical strength. The addition of zinc (Zn) can further increase the mechanical strength and flexibility of the bolts. This alloy is non-magnetic and has a moderate to high resistance to corrosion, making it well-suited for use in many electrical and industrial applications such as marine hardware, pumps, valves and fasteners. The widespread availability of this material, along with its diverse capabilities, makes it an economical choice for many applications.

Phosphorous Bronze C51100 bolts are widely used in marine and naval industries thanks to their superior corrosion and oxidation resistance. These bolts offer solid mechanical strength and excellent fatigue properties, allowing them to withstand wear and tear even in hostile environmental conditions. Additionally, Phosphorous Bronze C51100 bolts have unique electrical conductivity properties, which is why they are the material of choice for applications involving the flow of electricity. Lastly, the bolts have high tensile ductility and impact strength, ensuring complete safety from breakage or fractures. Phosphorus Bronze C51100 bolts are ideal for many applications requiring physical strength and stability against harsh environments.

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