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Bolts form a really important part of all the structures be it an infrastructure or machine. There are hundreds of different types of bolts available in the market exhibiting different strength and durability. The phosphorous bronze bolts are one of the most demanded bolts due to their excellent versatility, physical and mechanical compositions. The Phosphorous Bronze C51100 bolts are made up of bronze alloy being a mixture of tin, phosphorous and copper. The presence of tin makes them resistance to corrosion and strengthens the alloy. Copper in these bolts make them environment friendly that do not contain any harmful elements deoxidized by the phosphor.


The Phosphorous Bronze C51100 bolts have a great demand and supply in the national and international market due to their various applications, and all good qualities. These bolts are extremely mechinable and therefore have a heavy demand in the manufacture of assemblers, electrical connectors, sleeve bushings, springs, clutch disks, perforated sheets etc. The phosphorous bolts with C51100 are notable for their low coefficient of friction, strength, fine grain and toughness. They are available in different shapes and sizes as per the application.

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