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There are various leading and reputable manufacturers available worldwide offering best quality of Phosphorous Bronze C51100 Screw that is a bronze alloy containing copper, phosphorous and tin. These bronze screws are known best for their tensile strength, corrosion resistance and durable nature. These screws are widely appreciated by customers and clients because they are manufactured using good quality of raw material in accordance with the international and national standard and specification. These screws are often used in applications like electrical connectors, sleeve bushings, cotter pins and perforated sheets.



Phosphorous Bronze C51100 Screw is notable due to its strength, toughness, fine grain and coefficient friction. These screws are easy to use and offer better performance. You will easily get these screws in a wide variety and in different shapes and sizes as per your demand and requirement. Well, talking about its specification, these screws are available with ASTM standard and in size that varies from ¼ NB to 2 NB. These screws are well tested and inspected and packed in quality of pallets to prevent rusting and other unconditional damages until its last stage of production.

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