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Phosphor bronze stud bolts are an alloy of bronze which consists of the combinations of various elements such as phosphorous, tin and copper. Phosphorous Bronze C51100 Stud Bolts are the important elements which are being used for the electrical purposes and have the very good spring quality, high range of formidability. These have a very good corrosion resistance. There are various types of stud bolts which are available. According to the requirement of the applications these can be manufactured and produced. All these studs are being made with the international standards. The presence of various elements gives the required strength to the material. The dimensions and sizes can be differed from applications to applications. These are majorly used for military, aerospace products where it requires the ability to withstand the high range temperatures. These are being specially designed in order to comply with those requirements, they provide a better corrosion and can withstand for a longer duration of time. These types of stud bolts are very much different from that of the regularly used ones. Here there is a wide range of strength which is more than the normal ones.

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