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Phosphorous Bronze C51100 Stud Bolts are incredibly useful for various industrial applications. These bolts offer excellent anti-seize properties and are highly resistant to saltwater corrosion, making them a top choice for marine environments. Further, C51100 Phosphorous Bronze Stud Bolts can also be used in high-temperature processes, as they provide highly effective high-temperature strength and oxidation resistance. Their unique characteristics make them an ideal choice for manufacturing needs such as pumps and valves or any other application that requires parts that stand the test of time when exposed to moisture and high temperatures.

Phosphorous bronze C51100 stud bolts are known for their high resistance to corrosion, excellent tensile strength and electrical conductivity. They are widely used in marine and automotive applications that require strong fasteners with reliable seals. The special alloy allows these bolts to provide leak-free fittings ideal for water piping and other applications prone to moisture exposure. Additionally, their nonmagnetic nature makes them the preferred choice for precision instruments where the presence of a magnet would interfere with readings and measurements. Phosphorous bronze C51100 stud bolts offer value to users because of their long service life, thanks to their superior corrosion-resistant properties, combined with greater efficiency and reliability compared to choices on the market.

FAQ's for Phosphorous Bronze C51100 Stud Bolts

The maximum recommended operating temperature for Phosphorous Bronze C51100 stud bolts is 593°C.

Phosphorous Bronze C51100 stud bolts are typically threaded with UNF-2A threads. Customized threading can also be requested upon request.

On average, Phosphorous Bronze C51100 stud bolts can hold 11,000 psi tensile strength and 17,500 psi in yield strength at room temperature.

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