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Phosphorous Bronze C51100 Washer is an alloy made of copper and tin, with a small addition of phosphorous. This combination produces a temperature- and wear-resistant material used in various industrial applications such as oil rigs, threaded contacts, electrical connectors, and other high-voltage systems. The specific properties of the C51100 Phosphorus Bronze Washer make it well-suited for particular uses where the highest levels of scalability, protection from corrosion, conductivity, and abrasion resistance are necessary. To ensure these efficacy qualities are consistent, strict standards are enforced to maintain a minimum phosphorous content and tight control on composition variables, including aluminum, iron, and lead trace elements.

Phosphorous bronze C51100 washer is one of the most versatile alloys and is used in a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications. One of its primary benefits is its high tensile strength, surpassing several other metals with similar properties. Its malleability and conformability ensure that it adheres to surfaces securely, making an effective seal against potential leakage or water intrusion. The corrosion resistance qualities of phosphorous bronze make it an ideal choice for water applications, making it a common material for inside-tank components such as nuts, bolts, and gaskets. Lastly, the phosphorous bronze washer C51100 provides superior electrical conductivity and low contact resistance, making it suitable for semiconductors and electrical contact points.

FAQ's for Phosphorous Bronze C51100 Washer

This alloy is a great choice for parts that are subject to rust and corrosion as it naturally contains phosphorous, which combats oxidation. In fact, due to its superior protection against rust, this material is often used in marine products such as props and shafts.

Phosphorus Bronze C51100 Washers have a variety of uses, from sealing and gaskets to preventing vibration, corrosion and sound transfer. The soft alloy material is suitable for electrical connectors and marine parts, as well as oil burner pumps. It is resistant to acids, fresh water and steam and can be found in a range of sizes for custom projects.

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