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Phosphorous Bronze C51100 Washer is very famous today and widely used in electrical switch springs, electrical conductors and lock washers due to its high specification. Phosphorus bronze washer has high spring qualities, outstanding formability and great corrosion resistance when compared to other washers. It is often used in electrical devices where they need to balance the strength of the device in hot and cold situations and giving immense life time for that. When the product is made with phosphorous and bronze its strength must awesome and they resist for long period in fatigue as well as corrosion.


It is available in various forms of design like round, flat and square based on the electrical device need. Phosphorous bronze c51100 washer is designed for cold worked in various temperatures and it has great name for its resistance. It is becoming much needed product for the electrical devices to enhance its quality and now available in various versions so you can pick this by selecting the model itself. Choose online stores to buy these products in online within your budget and this site giving you suggestions while buying it for your use.

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