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The Phosphorous Bronze alloys have a great demand in the market due to their toughness, strength, low coefficient of friction and a very fine grain. The Phosphorous Bronze C51900 Bolts are made of alloy consisting of copper, tin and phosphorous making them durable and flexible. The phosphorus improves fluidity of metal and enhances the cast ability as well as mechanical properties through cleaning up of the grain boundaries. The presence of tin in the alloy makes it corrosion resistant and increases its strength. There are different grades of these bolts and C51900 is one of them. The bolts of this grade exhibit excellent tensile strength and yielding capacity and are generally used in the field of aerospace, making of chemical processing equipments, building marine equipments etc.


The Phosphorous Bronze C51900 Bolts have 64 percent elongation, 324-965 MPa tensile strength, elastic modulus of 117 GPa and poisons ratio of 0.34. You will get a number of manufacturers and market dealers of these bolts providing you with a wide range of the bolts, screws, nuts, threaded rods, springs and other phosphorous bronze fasteners.

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