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C51900 Phosphorous Bronze Stud Bolts are composed mainly of copper, tin, and phosphorous. These three elements are combined in a specific ratio to ensure optimal strength and durability of the bolts. The copper used usually accounts for 57-60%, while tin is added in the 39-42% range. Lastly, the number of phosphorous fields is between 0.20-0.20%. This precise balance allows C51900 bolts to be used extensively as fasteners due to their high resistance to weathering and corrosion. They can also withstand higher levels of stress and tension than ordinary stainless steel fasteners, making them an ideal choice for any project requiring superior strength and longevity.

Phosphorous Bronze C51900 Stud Bolts are popular in many industries, including energy, aerospace, and gas. Their mechanical resistance, durability, and corrosion protection make them an ideal fastening component. They are strong enough to handle high-stress applications, and their non-magnetic properties make them suitable for electrical assemblies. Additionally, they have excellent vibration resistance that enables them to remain tight even under sudden shocks or temperature changes. These features make Phosphorous Bronze C51900 Studs Bolts ideal for joints assembling components requiring frequent motion as they will stay securely fixed.

FAQ's for Phosphorous Bronze C51900 Stud Bolts

Our Phosphorous Bronze C51900 Stud Bolts have a tensile strength of up to 11,000 psi and yield strength of up to 17,500 psi at room temperature.

We offer a variety of threads and sizes for our Phosphorous Bronze C51900 Stud Bolts, including UNF-2A. Customized threads are available upon request.

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