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These stud bolts are being manufactured and produced in various sizes and forms depending upon the requirements. These are being utilized in variety of industries for numerous applications some of the industries where these are being utilized include aerospace, building marine equipments, chemical processing equipments and many more. Phosphorous Bronze C51900 Stud Bolts fasteners are produced in metric and imperial systems. The chemical and the mechanical properties will give an exact picture of these fasteners. The C51900 alloy consists of about 5-7 of tin, 0.3 of zinc, 0.03-0.35 of phosphorous, 0.05 of lead and the remaining consists of copper. The tensile strength of the fastener varies from 324-965 MPa and the 0.2% of yield is from 135-552 MPa, whereas the elongation property of the fastener is 64% and the Poisson’s ratio is 0.34. The elastic modulus of these is 117 GPa. These are readily being varied in order to suit the requirements. All these stud bolts are being produced on the international standards. These are designed in such a way and are well suited for applications which involve high external temperatures.




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