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Phosphorous Bronze C51900 Washer is a copper alloy composed of copper and tin, along with phosphorus and small amounts of other elements. The exact composition depends on the end-use for the washer and can include trace elements such as iron, zinc, and lead. As a result of this mixture, it is exceptionally corrosion-resistant and suitable for applications in moist environments. It also has strength, wear resistance, and good spring properties that are useful for many industrial applications.

Phosphorous bronze washer C51900 is an alloy often used in industrial machinery and equipment due to its fantastic combination of strength and corrosion resistance. This makes it ideal for assembling parts constantly exposed to varying weather conditions or harsh chemicals. Its other vital properties include excellent electrical conductivity, machinability, and wear resistance, so C51900 is regularly used as brush holders, electrical contacts, thrust washers, and springs. Furthermore, because of its low friction characteristics and high lubricity elements when mixed with phosphate and lead alloys, it is also great for applications such as ship propulsion systems where there’s a need for frequent maintenance. The phosphorous bronze C51900 washer may be a relatively low-cost item, but its strong suit of features puts it in great demand among industrial users.

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The advantages of using Phosphorous Bronze C51900 Washer can be seen in its higher electrical conductivity, superior corrosion resistance, better strength and improved fatigue life. Its flexibility allows for easy installation with no need for special pre-forming. Its long service life makes it a viable investment for many applications.

Phosphorous Bronze C51900 Washer E27 has earned a reputation for high-quality components and unbeatable performance. Constructed with top quality materials and designed to last, it is the ideal choice for anyone looking for precision and longevity in a washer.

Phosphorous Bronze C51900 Washer Starts At Rs 8/Piece To Rs 15/Piece

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