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The Phosphorous Bronze bolts have a great demand in the domestic and international market due to their applications and durability. It is available in different grades having different strength, elongation, chemical and mechanical compositions and C52100 is one of these grades. It is made up of copper, tin and phosphorous having the tensile strength of 379-965 MPa, 70 percent elongation, poisons ratio of 0.34, 20 machinability, yielding capacity of 165- 552 MPa, shear modulus of 41 Gpa and the elastic modulus of 117 GPa.  The Phosphorous Bronze C52100 bolts are known for these properties and are in demand for mechanical industries, in the making of marine equipments, chemical processing units etc.


These bolts have excellent corrosion resistance and the presence of phosphorous gives them good fluidity and cast ability. Copper makes this alloy environment friendly and tin makes it resistant to corrosion. These bolts are available in different forms, shapes and sizes that you can get with any manufacturer and supplier of these bolts. Internet is the best way to reach to these suppliers and manufacturers where you can compare and get the best in market.

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