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Phosphorous bronze C52100 bolts are constructed from a highly durable alloy composed of copper, tin, phosphorus and zinc. These components combine to create a material with outstanding corrosion and wear resistance in outdoor applications. The copper content provides strength and durability, while the addition of tin helps increase malleability and power to enhance performance. Phosphorus plays a vital role by making extrusion possible and providing greater tensile strength. Finally, zinc is added to increase the flexibility of this alloy and provide much-needed lubricity in general applications. Phosphorous bronze C52100 bolts stand out due to their impressive blend of formability and resilience.

Phosphorous bronze C52100 Square bolts are versatile fastening solutions for various industries due to their material and design properties. These bolts feature a 3% phosphorous content, providing a solid blend of tensile strength and hardness with excellent resistance to fatigue and wear. The material is corrosion-resistant and ideal for connections that require an offensive operation, like vibration or movement in tight spots. Moreover, the material has a lower chance of seizing or galling, which can occur when similar metals are combined, making phosphorous bronze C52100 bolts an ideal solution for joining dissimilar materials like leaded carbon steel and zinc plastics.

FAQ's for Phosphorous Bronze C52100 Bolts

Phosphorous Bronze C52100 Bolts Starts At Rs 10/Piece To Rs 30/Piece

The HSN code for Phosphorous Bronze C52100 Bolts is 7605 00 19.

Welding Phosphorous Bronze C52100 Bolts requires care and precision. Be sure to use the appropriate equipment, such as a MIG or TIG welder, for the job. For best results, clean the surface of the bolts before welding and use a filler rod with matching metal properties. Welding Phosphorous Bronze C52100 Bolts requires care & precision. Use appropriate equipment like MIG/TIG welders. Clean bolts before welding & use a filler rod with matching metal properties for best results.

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