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Phosphorous Bronze C52100 Fasteners are a copper-based alloy characterized by their high strength, excellent flexibility, and corrosion resistance. It was created specifically for fasteners and other hardware used in products exposed to marine environments, making it ideal for marine projects and applications. This alloy develops an appealing turquoise patina on its surface that protects the underlying components from oxidation and further corrosion, though it can be easily cleaned away. The chemical composition of the Phosphorous Bronze C52100 consists mainly of Copper (Cu) with either 0.9 or 1 percent Tin (Sn), 0.2-0.6 percent zinc (Zn), up to 0.3 percent Iron (Fe), 0.15-0.3 percent Lead (Pb), 0.02-0.05 phosphorus (P), and trace amounts of nickel (Ni). These components combine to form a long-lasting fastener highly resistant to deep atmospheric corrosion, salt water exposure, pitting and crevice corrosion, and dezincification in some pH environments.

C52100Phosphorous Bronze Fasteners are rugged and corrosion-resistant, bringing both durability and reliability to fastening solutions. Famous in the aerospace industry, they are ideal for challenging high-temperature or subzero environments, making them suitable for various applications like engines, elevators, and cooling towers. These fasteners are resistant to saltwater corrosion and other oxidative destruction for marine equipment where dampness is present. Additionally, their non-magnetic properties make them an attractive choice for use with sensitive instrumentation. Their light weight makes them preferred for complex applications requiring more delicate parts and components. Phosphorous Bronze C52100 Fasteners provide excellent strength and reliable performance in even the most demanding conditions.

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