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We all know what the work of fastener is; they keep the two objects intact causing no damage to it. You may have seen the common type of fasteners at home such as bolts or nuts. Need of fasteners vary as their main aim that is to keep the two parts intact should be served perfectly? In industries, Phosphorous Bronze C52100 Fasteners are commonly used. Fasteners are made of different materials such as copper, steel or any other alloy but phosphorous bronze are high in demand. There is reason behind this demand.


Phosphorus bronze is one of the alloys of copper that differs in the amount of tin and phosphorus in it. Only 0.5-11% of tin is added to the alloy where the percentage of phosphorous is 0.01-0.35%. The use of tin is to increase the corrosion resistance property of alloy and it also increases the strength of the alloy. The percentage of phosphorous increases the stiffness and wear resistance of alloy. The alloy is ductile and malleable which provides ease in molding process. Therefore, Phosphorous Bronze C52100 Fasteners are stronger than any other fastener.

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