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Phosphorous Bronze nuts are the first choice of engineers, constructors and industrialists. Its demand is very high in various applications. But it is most widely used in the marine sector. There are various kinds of Phosphorous Bronze nuts are available. But Phosphorous Bronze C52100 nuts are one of the best. It has high corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, wear resistance and much more. It is available in various forms such as hex nuts, heavy hex bolts, hex screws, stud bolts, split lock washers, wood screws, dowel pins, hex jam nuts and much more. These nuts are made from the combination of materials such as phosphorus, tin, copper and much more.


Features of Phosphorous Bronze C52100 nuts:


Along with this bronze are also included in it to increase the stiffness and wear resistance of the alloy. These nuts have excellent spring quality, formability, high fatigue resistance and much more. It has the material specification, fastening products and much more. It is used in various applications such as chemical processing industry, railway and automotive, gas and oil platforms, mineral and metal mining, construction industry and much more.

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