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C52100 Phosphorous bronze screw is an alloy composed primarily of copper, tin, and phosphorous. The precise ratio of these elements varies slightly depending on the intended application, with the typical composition being 93 per cent copper, five percent tin, and two percent phosphorous. The lack of zinc or other alloys in this blend creates a material that is highly resistant to corrosion and has some unique qualities for particular uses, such as bearing applications. Due to its strength and performance even under extreme temperatures, the Phosphorous bronze C52100 screw is a popular choice for structural applications in industrial settings.

Phosphorous Bronze C52100 Screws are versatile fasteners commonly used in many industries, from vehicle parts and marine applications to electronic hardware. This type of screw has superior strength and high electrical conductivity than other metal screws, making them perfect for marine, electrical and automotive applications. Their highly resistant properties make them quite reliable for harsh weather conditions such as high heat or acidic environments. Their non-magnetic properties are also ideal for use where a strong magnetic field needs to be prevented and do not suffer from galling when operating in humidity and saltwater conditions. When paired with its low cost of production, Phosphorous Bronze C52100 Screws remain an excellent choice for robust fastening solutions in many settings.

FAQ's for Phosphorous Bronze C52100 Screw

Phosphorous Bronze C52100 Screw Starts At Rs 11/Piece To Rs 15/Piece

Phosphorous Bronze C52100 Screws have many uses where resistance to corrosion, vibration, and wear is desired. They can be used in marine applications, automotive electrical connections, chemical equipment, and metalworking machinery.

Phosphorous Bronze C52100 Screws are available in screws ranging from #4-40 up to 1-1/2"-12 threads per inch.

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