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The fasteners possess the stiffness and wear resistance to the alloys. It decreases the consistency of the molten alloy which looks like an ineffective and decreases the boundaries among the crystallites. Phosphorous Bronze C52100 Stud Bolts can be very well classified with regards to the functionaries because of it strength, toughness, fine grain and low constant of friction. These kinds of stud bolts are predominantly used for the requirement of electrical connectors, industrial requirements, lock washers, cotter pins, perforated sheets and many more. These can be very well mechinable. The main constituents are tin, phosphorous and copper which gives the much required strength to this. These kinds of fasteners are being produced in the international standards and are widely required in both national and international market. These fasteners are an alloy of copper which has about 0.5-0.11 percentage of tin, 0.01 to 0.35 percentage of phosphorous. These are much needed for the purposes of withstanding at high temperatures. There are various sizes of these products, these are specially designed and are being manufactured and produced according to the industrial requirements. These fasteners can be used to serve a great purpose. 

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