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Phosphorus Bronze C54400 Nuts are a type of fastener composed mainly of copper and tin with the addition of small amounts of phosphorus. It is a strong, resilient metal alloy that is highly resistant to corrosion, making it the perfect choice for fastening components in wet environments. As well as copper and tin, small amounts of zinc and lead are also present, resulting in an increased strength while still allowing enough malleability that nuts can be threaded onto bolts if need be. This combination of durability, longevity and malleability makes Phosphorus Bronze C54400 Nuts an ideal choice when assembling components requiring a secure fit.

Phosphorous bronze C54400 nuts are a type of copper alloy that contains a combination of copper, tin, zinc and phosphor. This mix produces impressive wear-resistant properties and a bevvy of functional uses. It is an excellent option for manufacturers looking for a strong part to be used in low-friction applications such as automotive parts, shafts, bearings and gears. Phosphorous bronze C54400 nuts are also found in electrical components, especially underwater ones, due to their high corrosion resistance. Furthermore, this material has very low electrical resistance, making it ideal for constructing wire terminals, lightning protection equipment and various electroplating operations. All said, C54400 Phosphorus Bronze nuts had earned themselves a place in many manufacturing processes and engineering operations because of their reliable performance and strength under duress.

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Phosphorous Bronze C54400 Nuts Starts At Rs 11/Piece To Rs 15/Piece

The HSN code for phosphorous bronze C54400 nuts is 7307 when imported into India.

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