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C54400 Phosphorous Bronze Stud Bolts are composed of copper, tin, and phosphorous, which creates a corrosion-resistant alloy. These stud bolts are highly resilient to pressures of water spray, moisture, and weathering elements. This makes them suitable for long-term outdoor applications such as bolt fastenings on buildings and other structural elements. The alloy composition also creates strength and malleability, which is ideal for use in mechanical frameworks. The superior strength of Phosphorous Bronze C54400 makes it the go-to option for many steel structures that require consistent, reliable load-bearing capacity over time.

Phosphorous Bronze C54400 Stud Bolts are a perfect fit for many applications. These bolts have a low friction coefficient and good fatigue strength, making them an ideal choice for connections needing to withstand loads while having the capability to move in repetitive cycles. Not only that, but they also have good corrosion resistance due to their tin composition, which makes them suitable for marine applications. Additionally, these studs are widely used in bolts with nuts and circular washers, as they are well-suited to help dampen vibration and noise. Furthermore, Phosphorus bronze studs offer good wear characteristics even at temperatures approaching 300°F, which is why it is often integrated into industrial production machines.

FAQ's for Phosphorous Bronze C54400 Stud Bolts

We offer a variety of threads and sizes for our Phosphorous Bronze C54400 Stud Bolts, including UNF-2A. Customized threads are available upon request.

Our Phosphorous Bronze C54400 Stud Bolts have a tensile strength of up to 14,000 psi and yield strength of up to 18,900 psi at room temperature.

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