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Renewable sources are now very much needed to fulfill and compensate the needs of human especially in electrical devices where you can save more energy. At present you have plenty of devices come with new technology to save electricity and now it is becoming major issue due to the technology enhancements and increasing populations. Phosphorus bronze c54400 washer is a tin bronze copper alloy with 0.50 – 11.00% tin and 0.01 -0.35% phosphorus to increase the corrosion resistance as well as strength of alloy. These things are handy and helpful to develop the strength also friction of alloy with fine grain.


It is used in electrical conductor, gears, bushings, thrust washers and shafts to increase its performance gently. When you use phosphorus and bronze together it will helps to give strength for the products from earlier versions. If you use phosphorus bronze c54400 washer in soldering technique it is recommended one and have a capacity to being work with cold condition. For brazing also give you good performance and less in butt weld than other welding. So use this washer to enhance your electrical device performance gently.

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