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Phosphorous Bronze Fasteners

Phosphor bronze is an alloy that contains copper along with 0-5-11% tin and 0.01-0.35% Phosphorous. The corrosion resistance and straight of Phosphor bronze Fasteners depends on the amount of tin added. The stiffness of the alloy is increased, along with the resistance to wear and tear with the amount of phosphorous.


The strength, and toughness of Phosphor bronze Fasteners is good. It also has a low coefficient of friction. In molten condition the viscosity of the metal is reduced due to the phosphorous present in it. The alloy is used in environments where constant wear & tear and chemical corrosion occurs. Fasteners are made in four types i.e. Bolts, Screws, washers, nuts, hex nuts, J-bolts, and U-bolts. Phosphor Bronze is used for applications like thrust washers, shafts, bearings, diaphragm, bushing, bellows and valve parts. The alloy has good spring qualities and is used for electrical applications. Phosphor bronze have fatigue resistance and excellent formability. Silicon bronze has different element alloyed with it like Silicon aluminium Bronze and Nickel Silicon Bronze. Aircraft industry makes extensive use of Phosphor bronze.

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