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Phosphorous Bronze Nuts

Phosphor bronze nuts, also known as silicon bronze nuts or gunmetal nuts, are high-strength fastener components made from copper, tin and phosphorous alloys. This alloy is non-magnetic and highly corrosion-resistant due to the presence of phosphorous, which offers ideal properties for outdoor use in extreme conditions. The mix of copper and tin gives these nuts increased mechanical strength and excellent electrical conductivity within a wide temperature range. When compared to brass, this material can provide 20% better tensile strength and 10% greater yield strength. Phosphor bronze nuts are not only effective for clamping applications but can also be used for other fastening purposes like riveting and welding due to the composition of their material.

Nuts Phosphorous bronze are extremely resilient fasteners made from a unique alloy comprised of tin, lead, zinc and phosphorous. This combination results in a highly resistant material to corrosion, making it an ideal choice for any application where exposure to the elements is a concern. In addition to the enhanced corrosion protection properties, these nuts also possess low torque values and high ultimate strength capabilities thanks to their carefully constructed design; this makes phosphorous bronze nuts perfect for use in applications where safety and security are key concerns. Finally, they’re easy to work with, allowing for quick installation or removal. Phosphorous bronze nuts provide users with an incredibly versatile and dependable fastening solution.

FAQ's for Phosphorous Bronze Nuts

Phosphorous bronze nuts come in a variety of sizes ranging from #4-40 up to 5/8"-11, with some customizations available for larger sizes.

The density of Phosphorous Bronze Nuts is typically 8.7–9.2 g/cm3, depending on the alloy composition and manufacturing process.

Welding phosphorous bronze nuts require special welding techniques, including preheating and using a specific filler alloy. Properly welding these nuts requires the proper equipment, safety precautions, and experience to ensure reliable structural integrity.

Generally, Phosphorous Bronze Nuts Price Ranges From INR 400/Kg To INR 500/Kg



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