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Phosphorous Bronze Stud Bolts

Phosphorous Bronze Stud Bolts are a type of fastener made from an alloy of copper and tin, with phosphorous added for strength and corrosion resistance. The proportion of these three components in Phosphorous Bronze Stud Bolts varies depending on the desired grade and specification. Class C grade bolts comprise 87% Copper, 7.5% Tin, and 5.5% Phosphorus by weight; other stud bolts may be composed of as little as 84% Copper, 9% Tin, and 7% Phosphorus. As such, these stud bolts are suitable for use in highly harsh or corrosive environments where standard steel alloy fasteners would not last.

Phosphorous Bronze Stud Bolts have many uses and properties that make them ideal for many applications. Their strength and flexibility can be used in marine, automotive and machinery components. In addition to their superior corrosion resistance, they offer excellent electrical conductivity. This makes them especially useful in producing motor parts and shielding components. Their range of colours allows them to be well-matched when protecting outdoor surfaces from harsh ultraviolet rays and other environmental elements. Phosphorus Bronze Stud Bolts are an ideal choice for many projects due to their reliability and durability in any condition.

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