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Phosphorus Bronze C51000 Coil

Phosphorus bronze C51000 Coil is predominantly an alloy of copper and tin, with phosphorus added in very small amounts. Its composition varies between 8-11% tin, up to 0.5 % phosphorus, and the rest being copper. It has excellent hot forging properties due to its low yield strength, which means it can be easily formed into any shape. It also has decent corrosion and wear resistance properties, making it suitable for various applications ranging from bearings to marine parts.

Phosphorus Bronze C51000 Coil is used in automotive, plumbing, and electrical equipment due to its excellent electrical and mechanical properties. Its high strength-to-weight ratio makes it suitable for various applications that require reciprocating motion or intricate designs. The coil is also corrosion-resistant and nonmagnetic, which makes it ideal for bearing parts and other components that need superior wear resistance. This alloy also provides excellent heat and fatigue resistance, making it an ideal material choice for transmission gears or drive motors.

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