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Phosphorus Bronze C54400 Coil

Phosphorus bronze C54400 coil is a copper-based alloy containing up to 10.5% phosphorus and other elements such as tin, manganese, lead, zinc, iron and nickel. It provides excellent strength and wear resistance in various industrial applications due to its high mechanical strength and superior corrosion resistance compared to other alloys. This alloy is typically used for sleeves, pipes, gears, pins and bushings in highly acidic environments with high-temperature exposure.

Phosphorus Bronze C54400 coils are used for corrosion-resistant electrical applications. It is an alloy of copper, tin and phosphorus that offers superior strength and good conductivity. This alloy also has higher wear and fatigue resistance than other metallic materials, making it a great candidate for long-term electrical use in harsh environments. Its properties include good corrosion resistance, high strength, flexibility, fatigue endurance and excellent conductivity. In addition to being used in electrical applications, this alloy is also utilized in the food processing industry due to its non-toxic nature.

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