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Phosphorus Bronze PB2 Coil

Phosphorus Bronze PB2 Coil is a special type of copper alloy that contains an alloying element of phosphorus. It has superior wear resistance, high flexibility and corrosion resistance compared to other copper alloys. It is composed primarily of copper and tin and phosphorus as additional elements. Due to their exceptional properties, PB2 coils can be used in several applications, including electrical connectors, terminal blocks and automotive switches.

Phosphorus bronze PB2 Coil is a common copper-based alloy containing tin, zinc, and phosphorus. Its excellent strength and corrosion resistance properties make it popular for springs, fasteners, clips, electrical connectors, bushings and bearings. Its lower coefficient of friction makes it suitable for use in sliding components such as cams. Additionally, its flexibility allows phosphor bronze PB2 coils to be bent multiple times without cracking or deforming.

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