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Phosphorus Bronze PB3 Coil

Phosphorus Bronze PB3 Coil is an alloy created from copper and tin with the addition of phosphorus. This alloy has a higher mechanical strength, good electrical conductivity and superior corrosion resistance than many other bronze alloys. Its composition includes 9-11% tin, 0.05-0.35% phosphorus and 88-91 % copper, giving it high flexibility at low temperatures and higher tensile strength than other bronze alloys.

Phosphorus Bronze PB3 Coil is a superior alloy that combines various metals such as copper, tin, and phosphorus. Its properties include excellent corrosion resistance, good electrical and thermal conductivity, and flexibility to be easily forged or cast without becoming brittle while maintaining strength at elevated temperatures. It is often used in applications requiring strong material with self-lubrication, high wear-resistance and fatigue durability, such as bearings for pumps and motors.

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