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The large numbers of industries are available dealing as a well-renowned producer, exporter, and supplier of Ship building ABS/AH32 plates. These are offered to the customers in wide comprehensive ranges. The plates are manufactured through the high quality of raw materials. These are used mainly for purpose of making ship building hull and for ship repairing etc. These are supplied in various shapes, sizes to customers for fulfilling their application requirements.


Product specifications-


The wall thickness of Ship building ABS/AH32 plates is ranging from 6mm to 200mm. The width of it is from 1500mm to 4020mmn. The length of it is from 3000mm to 18000mm. The test that it undergoes is impacted test, tensile test, ultrasonic testing, and third-party testing etc as per the demand of customers. The pre-treatment that is offered to buyers when buying it, is ABS grade AH32 with clearing rust, painting, and blasting.


The company is ensuring their valuable client that producing process is effective as the stage wise inspection is done thoroughly. The experts are doing this so to check whether a company is effective in the production of plates or not. This makes product produced of good quality.

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