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Now patrons can fulfill their demands for Ship Building ABS/AH36 Plates because the plates are available in different specifications as per international standards. These shipbuilding plates are available in different thickness which goes up to 150 mm and the width cover up 1220 mm, 4200 mm and so on. The length of it is from 5000 mm to 18000 mm and available in two conditions- cold rolled as well as hot rolled. You can get according to your suitability and requirements from an online dealer at good rates. These plates are specially designed to keep in mind of marine applications because they do not get corrode soon and have a long lifespan.


When it comes to the packaging of Ship Building ABS/AH36 Plates they can be packed in wooden boxes to shield from rusting and any kind of damage at the time of transportation more one place to another. Also, they are available in different finishes such as painting and shot blasting even coated. Also, it is sent across different testing methods such as normalized, quenched, ultrasonic examination, tempered and third-party inspection.

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